Jan. 17th, 2014

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I really need to learn from my mistakes... Ever since I updated to Windows 8.1, I've had nothing but problems. Updating it was a trial unto itself and I'm absolutely certain my laptop got messed up somewhere while I was trying to update it


And ever since then, even though it says I've updated it successfully, I've had little annoying problems like my graphics cutting out every so often... I could deal with the little bugs but then it started messing with my Updates... Every time I would try to Update, I would fall into this horrible loop of my laptop trying to update bit not quite getting there... I would install them, it would restart and that's when the problems would start. It gets stuck at the whole "Preparing your PC. Do not turn off." but it would never finish. Last time it was a huge ordeal for me to just get out of it and back into Windows but did I learn my lesson?


Of course not, I'm an idiot.


And now everything I do, I can't seem to start Windows again... System Restore fails. There are no start up problems despite all evidence to the contrary.


Thankfully, the one lesson I did take from my last horrible foray into trying to update is the fact that I should backup my data so at least I have that.


Now I've resorted to Refreshing my PC, which I've taken to mean everything gets reset to the beginning but you still get to keep your files. Hey, if it works, I'll take it... I'll gladly reinstall my programs (although some of them will be a bitch) if it means I can get back functionality of my laptop and I can keep my files...


My fingers are crossed. I've spent an entire night on this so I'm exhausted with very little sleep so hopefully when I'm done, it's one less thing I have to worry about during the day... It's already gonna be stressful enough without this this also looming over my head...

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Updating my computer... Apparently trying to update 75 updates is impossible... So I'm trying to do it by fiscal quarters to make it more manageable...  It's slow going but once I'm done, it's onto 8.1, aka the bane of my existence the last few months.


This time I'm going to do it right... I mean, as much as it made my life so much more hard, it was a good update... They fixed a bunch of things that I didn't quite like in Win 8 so I do want it as it is supposed to work.


And hopefully when that works out (fingers crossed), I can finally work on getting all my programs back... I have so many... and once they're done, I can finally get rid of that huge Windows.old folder... (after I back it up, good thing I have a new external hard drive...)


I've been working on this for so long... I just want it to end...but I'll take slow and steady if that means no problems...


Why does it seem like I go through this every year? *sigh*


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