May. 4th, 2006

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*silly smile*

You know those moments when Kimeru just makes you feel good and you have no idea why except that he does and it's a wonderful feeling?

I'm feeling that way right now. Oh, Kime, I love you so much. I just love Kimeru-induced happiness. It's artificial as hell but who cares? I like being happy and I'll take it anyway I can.


Now, really sleep. I can't procrastinate sleep like this... It's really stupid to say the very least. Who procrastinates sleeping?

Obviously the idiot here. :(

...going to sleep now...
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"Just don't think too much about all the work you have to do; just start doing it. You starting thinking too much about what you've got to do, you start getting sweaty and panicky and shaky."

--Professor Dave Scicchitano

Yes, Professor, I feel what you're saying completely.

I've decided not to go St. Marks. I feel awfully bad about it but I'm going to turn off my cell phone so they can't reach me and try to convince me to go... :\ I feel like I'm hiding from them but I have to get through Desplan's lectures on signaling and developmental pathways or else I'm screwed because he's going to have at least 10 of the 70 questions on this exam...

It's so terrible... I would rather be doing nothing at all but sitting here and listening to Kimeru's HERO over and over and over again for the next few hours than reading and studying and trying get to a point where I could get a passable grade in this course... :( But it's for my major so it's not like I can write it off...

But I still would rather be listening to Kimeru. Oh, Kimeru, Kimeru, Kiiiiimmmmeeeeeerrrruuu~~!


May. 4th, 2006 11:16 pm
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Yellow Cherry's Ippome is really catchy, isn't it? I just can't seem to stop listening to it... It's just so incredibly easy to listen to.

Yeah, I should be studying now. I have Desplan to get through and then

Carol Reiss... Reiss, Reiss, Reiss... I know her, don't I?

Oh, shit, she's the crazy Immunologist woman! I don't like her... :( I declared (yay, should have probably done it earlier but I was lazy) so she's my advisor. Why couldn't it have been Blau or Desplan or Coruzzi? All I remember about Reiss from last year was that she lectured on immunobiology and it was way beyond the level of freshman and her questions were exceptionally difficult on the tests... :\ I don't like people who forget who they're lecturing to and seem to go off. Just because their regular students are grad students doesn't mean the ones in a Principles of Bio course can follow the same level of material... And I understand being passionate about the stuff you do your research on, but we don't need to know it, you know? Do it from the textbook, not from
the paper you did on the stuff!

*makes a face* I'll deal with it next year I guess...

Now, studying. I'm giving up Yellow Cherry for Desplan... Something is definitely wrong. Tonight -- all nighter! Yay! My first! Let's see how long I last. ^^


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