Jul. 9th, 2006

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It seems I was wrong -- it's not the Cybermen who are the big bads of this season, it's the same bloody ones from the last season: Darleks.

There are so annoying! The first time I saw them I thought, hey they don't look so scary, or bad, or really what something the biggest evil in the universe should be. But they really are freaky little things. Just seeing them again makes my blood curdle. It's so annoying and they're so hard to kill and I hate seeing what it does to the Doctor. And because I love the Doctor it hurts me.

But I am glad that Rose will be leaving the show! Yay! She is a stupid girl and I really wish she would have used some sort of discretion or any part of her mind. Hopefully Martha Jones will a better Companion than this Rose Tyler. I want the next episode now! I knew it would most likely be a two parter and I waited for the second part. I hate cliffhangers and after that Darlek one, I'm so glad I waited for it and didn't get tempted.

I really feel for the Doctor... It's like he's always being left behind... He's the one always loosing people and loosing out on everything. The poor Doctor... If it were the last Doctor, he would probably be absolutely crushed but I think this one would bounce back sooner or later. He's always held his sadness and darkness within him, locked away but with bits of it leaking out every so often.

It was just so sad, seeing the Doctor say goodbye to Rose... When Rose told him she loved him, and he said it would be his last time to say it, I begged him not to do it and then he disappeared. And even as he cried, he didn't say anything. Thank god! I don't know what I would have done if he actually verbalized it.

And I can't believe it! It's going to be Christmas before the next episode! :( That's so long away! And it'll probably be bloody April before we get another season. Poo! That's too long of a wait and I don't want to wait it at all! :(

Man, I'm not even sure I'll even remember about it then.

God, it's so hot right now. I am definitely not liking this weather at all. And I have nothing to do... :( I just watched the last two episodes of Doctor Who and now nothing. I've gotten into Professor McKitten's newest story Two Playboys on the Pitch but she hasn't updated it since I last looked so...

God it's hot. I'm gonna go down, get an Otter Pop and then read Never Left Behind again. I think I have good memories of this fic...


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