Sep. 27th, 2006

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I went to the taping of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart! You can watch it tonight on Comedy Central at 11 PM. Unfortunately, you won't see me because they refused to put us in seats that we wanted... We were all very sad.

Anyway, it was one of those floor things that you do and I went with six other people from my floor -- my RA who got the tickets included. It was pretty neat. The guest was Al Franken and it was a surprisingly short spot with him there. It was in and out and I was left going, uh... But it was funny. Definitely very funny. And Jon Stewart is definitely a lot hotter in person than he is on TV. He came off as such a nice guy in between filming... It was definitely a nice experience and I'm glad I worked up the courage to actually do it. It's usually not my thing and to tell you the truth, I've never actually watched an entire Daily Show episode in my life. It's usually not my humor but when you're there, everything does seem funny.

The standup comedian at the very beginning before Jon Stewart came out was funny too but I found his jokes to be a bit offensive... But one of my floormates is an exchange student from Brazil and when they asked if anyone is from another country, our RA singled her out. And then the guy did a joke that was centered on her. I felt bad for her but it was definitely funny to watch her squirm.

I called my brother afterwards (and my sister too but she didn't give off such a good reaction) and told him where I had been and he was like "You're kidding! Why didn't you take me? Oh, now you're calling to gloat, aren't you?" And I so totally was. One of his friends was there with him when I called and I heard Kent tell him that I had just gone to the Daily Show and he was like "Are you serious! No way!" Ah, that was very nice. ^^

Anyway, I got back about half an hour ago... Chatted with my sister and brother for a bit and have just ordered delivery because frankly, I don't have much food to cook with. To actually build into something good together at the very least... They're all random foods like eggs and potatoes and chicken (anyone got a recipe with ingredients like that?) so I wasn't up thinking about what I can make that would taste good. And it's late so delivery is always nice. I'm getting Hunan Beef, something I've never had before but it's beef and it promises to be spicy so who knows, I think I might like it. Hopefully there are some veggies in it but from what I remember of fast Chinese food, it's rarity to have it without veggies...

...oh that's my phone! It's here!

And yes, lots of veggies. Sherry is happy. ^^

The guy forced me to tip. I was going to anyway but being forced made me a bit upset... I mean it's not something you have to do. I miscounted and gave him a dollar short but still I would have tipped anyway...

Anyway, the hot and sour soup is yummy, almost like how my Daddy makes it but not as yummy and the hunan beef is actually pretty good. I definitely will get it again. I have yet to try the spring roll but I will soon.

Tonight promises to be a night of fanfics and Physics since I have recitation tomorrow. I also am going to start work tomorrow so eek! It'll be interesting. I hope Cora isn't too upset I blew her off on Tuesday but I really needed to study... And really, it wasn't set in stone and I would never even had known to meet her if I didn't accidentally see a missed call. I rarely use my cell phone and half the time it's just in an obscure corner of my desk so it's not like I pay attention to it at all. I don't even bring it to class with me anymore...

Today in class, I realized how badly the soft sciences suck. They're almost amusing in the way they try to use math to explain their result... I realize Rodney considers Biology and all life sciences to be soft as well but really, that compared to Political Science? A world of difference, completely. And that assignment of theirs? So impossible. In one of the sections, I can't even spot the question. That's got to be bad. But there's no sort of direction or question that I'm confused as to what they want us to do with it... :\

Anyway, this weekend will be studying all around hopefully. I have Genetics on Monday, Physics on Friday, Comparative Politics on Wednesday in between it all and I am like going to die. :\

What else did I want to talk about? Oh, right, last night I came back late from studying all day. It was a self imposed separation of me and my laptop so I would have no distractions so I could study... And I got back around 11:30ish? Anyway, my roommate at that time was pretty much going to sleep so when she turned off her light to go to sleep, I got up and left the room (because she can't sleep with the lights on and I was studying for the test I had in Japanese today) and she said "thank you." In response to that, I said something along the lines of "well, I need light to study anyway" and it just came out so very wrong. I thought a lot about it afterwards (couldn't sleep after I was finished with my studying and I thought about it, in between classes I thought about it) and it just bothered me that I was so...mean. I should have just said something simple like, "no, it's okay" or something like that but what I was trying to say in actuality was "no, it's okay because I'm going to be just studying anyway so I can be away from my computer and there's light out there and it would allow you to sleep so it's only natural that I would leave" but somehow I couldn't get it out. :( Instead it somehow came out like I was blaming her or something (at least that's what I feel like the connotation was) but I really didn't mean that at all... :\ I don't know. Maybe I've been thinking a bit too much about it and she might have not even cared what I said but it's just something that I had kinda worried about... I must be able to think on my feet more. This is why I avoid talking to people orally. I can never say what I mean to say at the moment that I need to say it. :\


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