Oct. 27th, 2006

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I think I should be freaking out about Physics. I mean I've studied one chapter so far and I still don't quite understand center of mass or impulse from that one chapter so it's not like I'm doing all too well in my studying. And the midterm is next Friday! Eeek!

But I'm not freaking out too much. I keep thinking, okay, I can study over the weekend and I have the week leading up to it and now I won't have midterms on the first couple of days to totally drain me... I really need to just sit down and get this stuff in my head. And to work with the practice problems because I kinda sucked at that... :\ Yeah.

Right now, I'm reading for my Politics class. I came home today after class and I just went to sleep. I had grabbed some food after class so I wasn't feeling too famished. But when I woke up two and a half hours later (I actually allotted myself 2.5 hours for a nap and surprisingly, I didn't even need to set my alarm clock and I woke up after 2.5 hours -- amazing) I was feeling a bit peckish so I went and had some left over fried dace from last night and some soup. Then I was feeling thirsty so I had a class of berry punch and a pear. And that my friends was Sherry's lunch.

I really need to go and print out my Physics answers and practice exams... I'm tempted to do it tomorrow but I really don't want to since I planned on doing my shopping expedition for Vietnamese spring rolls (which I found out aren't really called spring rolls but rather summer rolls but personally, I like the sound of spring better). I don't have that much time to devote to it because that night my suitemates and I will be attending the Evil Dead musical (thanks to AR and their offerings of free tickets). I'll probably blog a bit about it tomorrow night because I heard it was supposed to be really good. ^^

Anyway, I really have a yen for Vietnamese spring rolls so I'm going to try to make them here. And I found the peanut sauce that I love so much in a supermarket and I have yet to use it in anything yet. It's burning a hole in my cupboard, just waiting to be used up.

I'm also a bit worried about the whole rain thing. It's supposed to be pretty okay tomorrow but it'll be nasty on Saturday... :\ And if I don't print them out on Friday, then I'll be spending a Saturday on campus working on Physics mainly and I never like traveling in the rain... :\ Eh, well, I guess I'll have to make do. We'll see what I have interest in doing tomorrow. I'm definitely going to get my shrimp and other yummy foods for the Vietnamese spring rolls as well as bok choy (I missed my noodles!) and more curry sauce. I ran out about two weeks ago and because curry is such a low maintenance dish, it's become a staple of mine. I suspect I'll be doing a sort of odd little roam over Chinatown tomorrow... I'm going to take the bus to Laff after my recitation, hit Dynasty for shrimp, hoisin sauce and curry, go over to the veggie place for bok choy and bean sprouts, then to Pathmark for leaf lettuce, some Tropicana Orangeade (hey, $1 each! How can I resist anyway?) and some instant mashed potatoes. And then I'll just hop on the M15 back up to 26th St. It seems like it'll work and probably only take two hours or so for me to do it all...

My problem is that once I'm in Dynasty, I always have this urge to buy large amounts of sushi because they have pretty cheap sushi there... I must resist -- for one thing I have like no cash left and another, what I do have is reserved for my veggies.

Okay, back to my book. I'm determined to finish something productive tonight if I'm not focusing on Physics.

edit x1: I don't know why, but right now as I'm watching a rerun of SNL on E!, Usher reminds me a lot of Bi. Or is it the other way around? :\ The sound is very similiar as is the movements... I see it.
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I just saw a Juanes concert on PBS and I can see why Hay and Mudry were into this guy now... He has like crazy skills with the guitar and he's really hot. And he has like this perfect flowing hair that I just adore on men. So my type of guy...

I still don't quite understand why there's this big craze with La Camisa Negra with my siblings and it seems like my entire high school (well, with the ones who've ever had Hay because she could really fangirl crazy -- they skipped and went to the Juanes concert in Portland once and they're teachers!).

But I saw him and I saw play the guitar and I feel smitten. At the time, I hadn't realized he was Juanes (but I had an inkling from remembering his voice and style from when my sister would play his CD over and over again) but then he played La Camisa Negra and there was no doubt after that.

But really, the song I fell in love with was Damelo and the way he repeated it in succession. And the way he said "sincero" was just so good.

I think I might try and get into him now. I mean he's my type of artist -- one that can plays with a band and can actually play an instrument along with having great vocals. And there is the fact that he really is hot so that doesn't hurt either. ^^

edit x1: Oh! Juanes' next tour dates are in Japan! He did say he was going to Asia next... I wonder what sort of reception he will get there...?


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