Oct. 29th, 2006

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I always hate it when this happens. It was Daylight Savings time isn't it? I was wondering why the hell my show wasn't on when I knew it was 1 PM already. and then I looked at the time on my laptop and it showed 12:00 PM. And my alarm clock next to the laptop was at 1:00 PM. I kept looking back and forth for a few moments like a comical cartoon and then it finally hit me.

Yay with getting an extra hour of time! More studying time! ^^
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Genetics makes me want to shoot myself. It's usually not so hard but I'm busy cramming for Physics so Genetics is kinda the last thing in my mind. But I have to get these questions done by tomorrow so I'm covered for the quiz (which I need to pass with perfect scores or else). Two chapters, missed one of the lectures, haven't read either of the chapters and am going with what I remember from MolecCell. Right now I have no idea what I'm doing. I feel like I should read the chapters but I have ot get back to Physics instead because that's more important than just a simple quiz.

Okay, I think I've done enough of that for now. I'm going crazy so I think it's time for me to take a little break. And I think I've covered all that I can for the quiz. He already told us he was going to choose the easier questions for the quiz and I doubt he'll be doing either of the last two challenging problems.

And right now I'm craving sugar like crazy. I've been knocking back Masha's Fazer Geisha chocolates like...well, like candy and I'm down to like three of them left. Which really sucks because I like them a lot and want hell of a lot more. I wonder if there are any places in New York that imports the stuff?

Anyway, Steph baked a pie and I am very tempted to have some of it. Pies are sweet and yummy...

And I've been eating lots and lots of Haw Flakes. I had meant for it to go to Masha but I can buy more. They're just so good and they remind me of my childhood... I wonder how she'll like them. I've had them my entire life so they're yummy to me but looking them up online has shown me that they're not favorable to all people. But I think they're yummy in their own odd way... Hey, it could make sense.


Okay, now that I've been doing Physics lab, I'm going crazy trying to figure this all out. We used the wrong stationary gliders and now all our numbers are all whacked and my equations do not apply. So I have to figure out what numbers go where because I have all the necessary numbers, I just dn't quite know where they all go. But because we did all the other alternatives, I know I've done all of them at least so I don't have missing numbers to worry about. But I have to know what goes where because otherwise my percent error goes through the roof and I can't prove conservation of momentum or energy. *dies*

This homework night thing just sucks. And studying sucks too. I wish I could just stop for a while but I have so much I need to do... :\

Okay, definitely need a break now before my brain blows up. And I feel like it's reaching that point soon. Gah, this sucks...


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