Dec. 22nd, 2006

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*yawns* So tired. but I feel happy. It was a fulfilling and satisfying day. It's not often that I have one of those, you see. But now I just wanna crash after all that I did today. Most of the time, I'm tired because I hadn't gotten enough sleep but this time, I was actually active and did stuff that tired me out. That's really rare for a couch potato and homebody like myself.

Anyway, I woke up around 11 AM today... I went to bed a bit late since I had downloaded some episodes of Babylon 5 and I was catching up to what had finished downloading... So I guess you could say that I'm not running on a full night's sleep but really, I felt fine for most of the day.

I took the bus down to Chinatown and the first thing I did was go to Dynasty to get some curry. To my surprise, they didn't have the type that I usually bought! I was so distressed. But they did have Vermont Curry, which is supposedly Japan's most popular curry so I decided to get a box of that. It has the taste of honey and apple apparently -- I'm interested to see what kind of curry it will make. After that, I head to Pho Bang to get some Pho. After Diana's post on Pho, I really had an craving for it myself. So I hunted down a good Pho place that had some good reviews.

Their pho was pretty good and pretty cheap. I got an extra large bowl of Pho for only $5.75 and it was almost too much for me. I managed to scarf it all down though. The brisket was a bit too well done even though I had ordered the more rare type of the Pho... The omosa (tripe) was so good and the tendon was pretty good as well. There wasn't as much tendon and omosa as I would have liked though. There was a good amount of noodles and the soup was good. It wasn't as sweet as I was used to it but it full of flavor. A bit on the salty side but I've never liked things that were too overly salty in the first place. They had all the right stuff to add onto the Pho -- bean sprouts, all of which ended up in the bowl, mint leaves which I used half of, and lime which I didn't use at all. My sister may like the limes but I'm not such a big fan of them.

The place was run by Cantonese people though -- at least it seemed that a way. Either that or the people who worked outside were Cantonese, which would make sense since it is in Chinatown where everyone speaks Cantonese. But I still think the people there are Cantonese because the old woman at the cash register was all grandmotherly and I have a hard time imagining her being just another paid employee...

I did get a slightly odd look when I walked in alone but I might have just been imagining it because I was feeling all self-conscious about being alone. I really hate going to restaurants alone.... It makes me feel sad... :(

After lunch, I head over to the New York Supermarket to get Diana's curry. I mean I had promised her to bring some back so I wanted to get some at least for her to take back with her to Corvallis.

They offered me a calendar and for the life of me, I don't know why I accepted it. It's like any other Chinese calendar that you get at the end of the year from supermarkets... It's not even that great of one -- it has recipes instead of scenic places in HK or pop stars or Miss HK contestants... But I took it and it's now hanging on the wall. Should I get a new roommate (which I'm desperately hoping I won't), she'll walk in here and go WTF. Whatever, it's nice to have a real calendar, even if it's one that's rather garish.

I had planned on going straight up to Rockefeller from Chinatown but I had accumulated a number of stuff. I had groceries with the curry and all, this huge ass calendar and I had stopped on a bakery for some quick food for tomorrow. My refrigerator has almost no food now. I have a few potatoes and two eggs, of which I plan on eating tomorrow for a breakfasty sort of lunch thing but it really wasn't that much so I decided to add onto it some roast pork buns. I also got a few egg tarts (so good, so damn good, which I gotten more because they are like crack and I need more!!!) as well... So I had all this stuff with me and I really didn't want to lug it all around Rockefeller. Especially not the calendar since it really is freaking ass huge. Plus, I had forgotten my umbrella (despite the fact that I knew full well that it was going to start raining later) and it was a bit drizzly and I really didn't want to be caught outside without an umbrella. So I hopped on the bus, went back to the dorm, dropped everything off, picked up my umbrella and changed jackets. At the time, I hadn't wanted to waste another $2 on a subway ride over to Rockefeller, despite the fact that my brother had said he would pay for it for me to go to Nintendo World for him (partly why I was going to Rockefeller anyway) so I had decided to walk it. And since I was going to be outside for an extended period of time, I wanted to be warm while I did it so I switched to my winter coat.

As I was walking, I passed the Lex Ave and 28th St. station for the 6 train and I realized that it had only been a short while since I took the bus back to the dorm. Which meant that I probably had a free transfer left. I took advantage of that fact and took the 6 to Grand Central/42nd St.

My plan for the day had been curry and Pho in Chinatown, then Book-Off, Nintendo World and Kinokuniya since they're all kinda around each other. Book-Off definitely is the one that is the furthest away from Rockefeller where Nintendo World and Kinokuniya are very close to so I was going to go there first.

I went and I got myself two new yaoi mangas. They're raw so I can't understand them but they'll be good practice for me. And fun at the same time. ^^ One is called "Love Skit" by Rie Honjo, which I know DP is doing and the other is "Invader, hold the love" by Maguro Wasabi.

I had really wanted to get "Kimi ni Suki to Ittekara" by Murakimi Sachi as well but I was really trying to limit myself to only two manga books... And for some reason, I just had to have the two that I had chosen so I had to let it go. Maybe next time...

While I was there, as I was trying to figure out which mangas to get, this one Japanese girl comes up to me and asks me in Japanese if I knew what time it was. And totally understood it all! I didn't want to answer in English when I understood the Japanese so I just showed her my watch. I was pleased though. I wonder why she spoke me in Japanese though... I really don't think I look Japanese...But then again, I was browsing through the raw mangas so... Still, I was happy. ^^

Anyway, after that, I head off to Nintendo World. My brother had been bugging me to go there for weeks to see if I could get him a Wii. He already has one, he just wants to sell it on eBay and raise money for prom -- he's a junior you see... Anyway, he's already gone through three Wiis, two of them sold on eBay and one he kept for himself. He's also been dealing in Wiimotes and Nunchucks. So far, he's made like $500 in profit...

Right now he only has one extra Wiimote but no Nunchuck for it so he can't play two player boxing. So he asked me to go to Nintendo World, who apparently gets daily shipments of this sort of stuff. I get there and it's freaking PACKED. There were so many people, so many kids there. Lots of parents, lot of kids, lots of gamers. It's seriously like a gamer paradise. You could go in and just play. There's this whole GBA bar with a number of different GBAs with different games on them and this circle of Nintendo DSs with more of them inside the circle in this table area. And of course, there were Wiis that people could play on. Upstairs you have all the gift merchandise, more Wiis that people could play on, Gamecubes, more GBAs and DSs... There were so many people there -- I was pretty freaked out. And they were all so happy. I even saw two Japanese guys taking their picture in front of a Nintendo World sign. Kent would have loved it -- he could probably spend the entire day there going from Wii to Gamecube to DS playing all the different games. On the plasma TVs, they were even playing one of the Pokemon movies... It was pretty incredible.

Unfortunately, they were sold out of Nunchucks. And Wiimotes. And the Wiis. About all that they had were the classic controllers, of which they had a ton of. I did end up getting Kent one of the Wii Points cards so he could get the old Nintendo games.

I spent about an hour there, not really playing but watching other people play. I saw the anxious parents trying to please their kids, people desperate to get the Wii or an extra Wiimote or nunchuck only to find as I found, they were all sold out. One of the guys working there actually told one lady that she would need to wait outside starting 3 AM to get the Wii... :\ I so am not going to do that. So Kent will have to go without until after Christmas.

After Nintendo World, I hit Kinokuniya even though I didn't really want to go. But it was just down the street and so close so I couldn't help it. I had already spent so much money that I really didn't want to spend any more... But when I got there, the manga beckoned me and I just had to get something. I ended up getting the second volume of From Eroica With Love, which I've been meaning to get for a while now. There's just something about Eroica that makes you want to keep on reading despite being an old manga and a bit cheesy at times.

While I was there, this girl tried to strike up a conversation with me. For some reason, I tried to avoid her. Usually I'm very receptive to that sort of thing and even would be the annoying girl who tries to initiate it, but for some reason I wasn't receptive towards it at all. I feel kinda bad. Maybe I should have tried asking her name, introducing myself... :\

After that, I walked out and I wandered around, trying to find the subway station at Rockefeller Center so I could take the V train to 53rd and Lex so I could switch to the 6 train to get back to the dorm. I didn't mean to hang around Rockefeller, it just sorta happened and I ended up staying to get a look at the big Christmas tree. I saw it Freshman year and I vaguely remember it last year and it really isn't that big of a deal so I hadn't planned on doing it again this year. I had been planning on leaving pretty quickly but then I heard it -- it was the Saks Fifth Avenue Snowflake display!!! I adore that thing! They do it to this edgy, modern remix of Carol of the Bells. I actually stayed there so I could watch it three more times. And now that song is in my head. I'm so tempted to buy it since it's off the Saks Holiday Mix CD (only $18!) but to get it only for that one song seems kinda stupid. Plus, I really can't be spending more money... :\

And now I'm home. I got back, placed my second order one I am liking that website though. I like ordering food for delivery but I hate calling and doing the actual ordering. This makes it even less personal which I like. The fact that some places have this minimum $10 order thing annoys me though since I usually don't order food that expensive in the first place. So I usually order two things and save one of them for the next day. So far it's working pretty well. ^^

I got Chinese food this time from a new place. It was pretty good. I got the Sesame Beef, which is not as good as my father's (not even close!) but the General Margo Tofu was really good. I think I'll be ordering it again. The sauce is absolutely divine! I had wanted a Sunkist to go with the meal but they didn't have it so I ended up with a Pepsi which I do love so it was okay. I just really wanted an orange soda.

Oh, damn, apparently the whole fiasco in Denver is going to affect people up through the weekend. I change planes in Denver... I hope nothing goes wrong though... :\ Hopefully I won't be stranded either at La Guardia or at Denver... That would absolutely suck. I had a schedule change so I'm not confirmed as I was before but it should be okay right? Or maybe I should go and confirm the flight? I don't know. I already paid, it's in My Itineraries... I've had this happen to me before and it was okay the two times before. But then again, I never had a snow storm affecting my travel before. I don't know. I have until tomorrow to figure out I suppose.

Okay, it's 11 PM, it's my second to last night here, I plan to watch more Babylon 5. Tomorrow will be cleaning, laundry and packing. I'm not ready to leave! I'm always like this -- I don't want to leave home and go back to school and I don't want to leave New York to go back home. *sigh*


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