Mar. 6th, 2006

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I just watched Princess Mononoke and I finally understand why everyone goes "!!!"

I am in a "!!!" mood right now after watching.

God, that was amazing! And it totally reminded me of why I love Studio Ghibli and Joe Hisaishi. I am so getting that soundtrack. The music, god, the music! I watched like a minute of it and I knew it was going to be amazing. It was just a little bit more bloody than I thought it would be but overall, it was just an amazing movie.

Tomorrow, I will be hitting Castle in the Sky and hoping that it will be just as good.

I'm still in amazement over this movie. The artwork reminded me a lot of the other Studio Ghibli works and even though I saw the English dub of it, it was still pretty good. I desperately want to see the original with English subs (desperately! I want to know if they kept the same music and songs and I want to know Ashitaka's voice because I am crushing on him now) but I can't find them so I guess I'm stuck.

I just can't help but get choked up thinking about it. I want to cry right now (but I'm emotional and PSMing so that might be why) at how deep the story was. It was a conflicted movie for me because generally I like neat happy endings but there was no way this story could ever be wrapped in a bow and called neat and happy.

The whole symbolism with technology and nature, and the whole man and god, just blew me away. My soul cried when I saw the humans disrespecting the gods and I ached for the humans who really have no other way of living. I really wish someone could tell me how we can all live happily and how we can be good people but I don't think there's a way...

It's times like this that I wonder about the purpose of man...We're so destructive and we're so blind and it seems as though we only do harm to the world... Maybe it's the PMS, but don't you ever get the feeling that we should all just die?

But I'm so deathly afraid of dying that it's not even funny so even if I feel that way, there's no way in hell that I would go along with it. I'm all for the clinging to life as hard as you can for as long as you can thing... Even if there's pain, I've always thought pain is an indication that you're living and thus important to experience. We must experience all the life we can!

Well, that was a weird turn that this talk of Princess Mononoke took.

Anyone, if you were living under a rock like me and haven't see Princess Mononoke, I totally recommend it! Hell, I'll totally host it for you to see it if you haven't because it's just so wonderful. I swear, it's an amazing experience so try it out if you have the chance.
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Johnny Kitagawa is SCARY.

Trying to dig up information on him is surprisingly hard considering he's such a public figure in Japan.

And trying to find information on how he conducts business other than he's a ruthless and will crush all his opposition?

I mean does he have ties to other labels? Sony? Columbia? BGM? Does he own TV stations? How is he consolidating his power? Other than threatening everyone out there...

It's all about Shuji to Akira for me. Who owns them? Who put out their CD? Who thought up Nobuta wo Produce and the idea of using them in it?

God I'm in for lots of research... :(

edit x1: HE HAS MAGAZINES! Now to see if Shuji to Akira were in any of them!


Mar. 6th, 2006 10:48 pm
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Johnny, you suck.

I emailed my professor and he told me to be pragmatic and pick a different song tha twould be a lot easier to dig up info for.


But Johnny would have been perfect! He is the very example of a music mogal who uses synergy in every possible sense (sure it's evil synergy powered by greed and intimidation but it's still synergy). I would have loved doing him. God, why couldn't he have been less private?

Now I have to pick a new person... I'm very tempted to pick Kimeru -- except all my Kimeru stuff was moved back home this last winter! *groans* I don't have any of my CDs with the wonderful CD jackets that have very nice information about everything... But even as it is, I really dobut I'd be able to find much info on Nippon Crown either... :\

I'm half tempted go with what I have on Johnny and run with it. I mean I have enough for two pages I think... :\

I don't know. I'll do a run through tomorrow night and see how it is and whether or not I need to scrap it and redo it on Wednesday. We'll see... Right now I really need to research telomerase.

And I thought listening to Kimeru's "Answer Will Come" would help too... But alas, the answer is not coming at all.


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