Aug. 2nd, 2006

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I should go to sleep... We have to get up early tomorrow for the trial in Portland so if I go to sleep now, I should get about five hours of sleep. As someone who had been living with around four to four and half hours of sleep towards the end of Sophomore year, I can deal with five hours easy. I mean I did it last week with less than that... :\

But really, I don't want to go. I really wish it hadn't gotten to a trial and it had all been resolved last week when we were at court and that those vile people were out of our house already. They didn't send in their answer and that's an automatic loss for them and an automatic win. They should have probably sent it registered or certified to guarantee that it would get to us on time. I mean how hard could it have been to get to a post office if something this big was riding on it? My mother thinks that it's because they knew they were going to lose already so they didn't bother (therefore didn't need to find a lawyer like we did and pay lots of annoying and expensive lawyer fees like we're paying). Either way, I hope I won't have to stay very long because that courthouse bothers me. I've seen it three times in as many weeks and I hate going through security and going up and down those stairs. My shoes always beep so I have to go barefoot (must wear new shoes tomorrow -- will hope for no blisters associated with wearing new shoes for the first time) through security and I'm with lazy people who want to walk up a flight of stairs to the second floor. Oh come on, really, it's only to the second floor! I've done seven before (I was very, very stupid and a freshman at the time and I totally didn't realize I would die doing it) in Silver!

I do hope everything goes our way tomorrow and we'll be able to leave early and get a nice little lunch. And to get back home earlier. Both Diana and I have a yen for more California rolls so we shall be making them tomorrow hopefully. This time, less water since apparently I still haven't gotten the right amount of water ratio yet. Oh man, that reminded me that we only have on package of nori left... We'll have to buy more... I wasn't exactly planning on making them so quickly so I would have bought more had I had thought we would.

I should really go to sleep... I'm currently reading H/D mpreg fics; why, I don't really know but for some reason every once in a while, I just want to read about my Draco being unmanageable while he's up the duff and Harry trying to placate him. It's odd but I like mpreg when it can be somewhat realistic (in the realm of magic, anything can happen, right?) and believable. *shrugs*

*sigh* Okay, I think I've stalled enough. Even though I'm not tired, I think I should go to bed already.


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