Sep. 18th, 2006


Sep. 18th, 2006 06:10 pm
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"May I have your particulars please?"

Uh, how about no.

It was just so random that I didn't know what to write in response. Thankfully, it was an email so I think I'm just not going to respond at all. I mean it didn't cover anything really pertinent...

Right now, I have this craving for some sweetened condensed milk on white bread. It makes for a nice spread but usually it's a bit too sweet for me. But right now I'm craving and even I know it's not late enough in the month for cravings to be hitting... I think I might be hungry since I only had breakfast...

I don't want to cook tonight. But I should. I don't want to study Physics. I really need to. I don't want to do my lab report (since I'm kinda clueless about it and I missed the part where he went over what he wants from us... Oh well, I'll do it tonight. It doesn't seem that long and I'll BS the first one (I mean it's all normalized to an average of 95% so really, it doesn't matter if I fuck it up or not).

I went and bought the answer book to Genetics. It was optional but apparently, having it is a VERY GOOD IDEA. I think this puts my total of books around $700 for this semester. :( I have two new classes next semester so hopefully they're under $300 for the two of them or else I'll push that estimated $1000 mark for books this year, something I've gotten close to but have never really done.

I also need to wash my clothes. And go to sleep early...Last night I had lots of Genetics homework problems (which I found out, I did all 57 of them for nothing because we covered like three problems out of them and we did them in class) so I went outside to let Jacyln study. It worked for me -- got me to focus on my work instead of my computer with all it's McShep stories (seriously, I was up to 3 AM and around 2 is when Coming Home updates are posted and I would NEVER have been able to tear myself away if I saw those updates) and I was less concerned about the time as I normally am. It did take me forever to fall asleep but once I was asleep, it was a pretty deep sleep and I was shocked out of it by my alarm like three hours later...

I discovered Steph wears glasses today. And has been since December! I'm such a bad roommate... I was living with her in December. Apparently, she wasn't used to them and only wore them in class so that explains why I've never seen them on her. But still, it was a shock and it reminds me of what a self-centered (more clueless towards her surroundings, I should say) person I am. It's all about me, me, and me and screw the rest of the world because I'm me and in MY world, ME obviously has to come first.

I mean when I'm consciously aware of it, I try to change but if I'm stuck in my world, I have a tendency to block everything out...

Oh, man, I just realized something... I missed the first episode of Amazing Race! I'm going to download it now since I was stupid... Man, I had no idea it was on Sundays! :( And they went to Beijing, some place I've been to myself! I'm disappointed now... :(

Ack, it's late... When did it become 6 PM? Must make dinner, must wash clothes, must do my Physics lab write up, must study physics and must... Gah, I don't remember what else I must but I have reading I need to catch up on for sure...

Oh, before I forget, a Biology joke: The difference between the cytoplasm in an egg cell and the cytoplasm in a sperm cell is as if you were taking a pebble and throwing it against Mount Rushmore and saying "That's mine." Very cute, no? I think it would make for a great Mother's Day card. ^^

Today's dinner -- green pepper steak because I have steak and I have green pepper. I might as well combine the two for a good dinner.


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