Sep. 23rd, 2006


Sep. 23rd, 2006 01:12 am
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Chapter 3 is pathetic. Really really pathetic. I think we went more in depth in General Bio than that book goes through. I mean once you've had MolecCell, something so...easy and elementary is like a walk in the park. I'm bored reading it because frankly, I think I know more about the structure of DNA than that book is even talking about. And yet I'm still reading it. There a few sections that I need to brush up on but for the most part, it's a bore. I did half of the homework questions for this chapter before I even started reading it -- that should have been a hint about how easy this chapter would be. :\

Anyway, today I went to my school but I apparently missed Cora, the coordinator this year. So I wrote her a note asking her to email me but she won't get it until Monday at the earliest... :\ I wish she would just get her act together already because all the tutors (I assume all of us since there's only two returning so far that's working) are all confused about what's going on....

But because I didn't want the trip to be wasted (I did spend $2 so I could take the bus down there), I made a trip to Pathmark and now I have broccoli (good because I was craving some good old beef broccoli), some shell pasta (ate it today with alfredo sauce, peas and carrots plus some tuna) and juice. I bought a lot of juice because it was on sale and you had to buy three cartons so I bought three cartons. But they were cheap so...

Anyway, I'm so bored now that I'm doing Genetics homework. And that's boring me too... I'm just trying to pass time as my downloads finish. I realized too late that I've missed practically every season premier that I had wanted to watch so I've been downloading them as I thought about them.

Today I got Shark, which is as good as I thought it would be. It'll be nice following that show because the two types of people I love are geniuses and people who are good at what they do. Stark is definitely a person very good at what he does and he has the personality to fit it.

I missed Heroes but hopefully that will finish soon and I'll get to see if it's any good. The commercials for it have been teasing me for the whole summer and now I just have to see it.

What else? I was thinking about Classmates but that's not my normal type of show so I think I'll hold off for a bit.

So yeah, I guess I'll go back to my homework... Oh, before I forget! I got Golf & Mike's album today and while most of it wasn't all too great in my opinion (but then again, I've only listened to it once), I did adore the last song, "Epilogue." It's beautiful! I swear I've heard it before but for the life of me, I can't place it. I know I didn't download it before so I have no idea how I could have known this song at all... :\

Anyway, give it a shot:

Golf & Mike - Epilogue

I think it's in Japanese, or at last parts of it is. But there are also parts that I can't place -- I'm guessing it's Thai (isn't that what they are???) but I can't be sure... Either way, it's a cute little song and I just am loving it to bits right now. ^^

edit x1: Super Hiro! That's great!


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