Nov. 20th, 2006

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So I finally downloaded the new IE7 today. I don't think I like it very much. The tabbing thing I know you can turn off which is good because I'm not sure I like it. But I'm giving it a shot because I know I have a tendency of resisting change.

But there were a few things I disliked that I had to change. I moved the menu bar all the way to the top and I removed the search bar. Menu bars belong on the top -- there's really no reason for the address bar to be over the menu. It's just weird. And I've always hated the search bars and in the past, I've always just removed them. So these two things I can't stand. So I went and found a way to remove them and I'm happy.

And I changed it so at least when I open a new tab, it wouldn't be a blank page but to my homepage (Google!!!). I still don't like the fact that the tab bar is so freaking huge. It has the icons which is like shoved to the right side. I wish I could get rid of them because I never used them anyway but I don't hate them so much that I need them gone right now.

Today I just wanted classes to end. Physics was laborious. Comparative Politics made sense and was informative but still boring as hell. And for once, my professor actually sounded like he was knowledgeable about the subject and wasn't a incomprehensible idiot (seriously, that sounds harsh but he was really bad -- I felt sorry for him because it was really sad watching it in the audience).

Tomorrow will be nice because I have no lab which is always good. No rushing from class to work and back to class in under half an hour... It's really hard to be on time when you have to get through a PARK to get to class. I could never walk the distance from the West 4th Street subway station to Meyer in under five minutes which is usually what I need to do in order to be in time for class. The only thing that saves me is the fact that the TA is usually late as well and the last class usually takes a long time as well.

But no lab means I can spend the entire time there and work for another three hours. ^^ More money is good. I'm going to fighting my way on Black Friday trying to get good deals so it'll be good to have more money coming to me so I won't have to starve for two weeks... :\ I am determined to get an external hard drive and possibly a digital camera. Maybe. I'm not sure I need one right now and at $200, it's hard to justify.

Today, I'm going to try to get my Japanese homework done. Distinguishing between "you" and "sou" is annoying me but I will hopefully work through it. And I'm going to hope that this day ends without much drama. I just want to pretend today is any other day and it's nothing special because if not, I'll have a panic attack about the state of my life.

I am excited that Heroes is on tonight! I'm very, very excited actually. I just hope it won't let me down because usually when I'm excited about Heroes, I get let down. Only three more hours! :)


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